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SDUC2150 Crushing-diving Combined Apparatus

1. Unique design of driving mechanism, more reasonable working mode achieved stable operation and high efficiency. Unlike ordinary sample preparation combined apparatus that one motor drives multi-stage crusher simultaneously, each stage of crusher in SDUC2150 adopts independent drive (Patent No.: 201220235596.x). Its features are as follows:

  • Avoids unstable operation caused by uneven distribution of power, stability and reliability are improved.
  • The sequence of the start/stop of multi stage crusher can be set up by operator. Energy consumption is greatly reduced.
  • Crusher and divider can work separately. Efficiency is improved with less cost.

  • 2.
    Unique anti-splashing sample feeding mouth (Patent No.: ZL201120239901.8) and sealed crushing chamber reduce dust pollution effectively.

    3. Full plane of fracture., patented technology for cleaning of divider.

    4. The replacement of sieve is convenient and simple.

    5. Optional sample discarding conveyor, easy to dismantle.

    6. Dust collecting ports are reserved and can be connected with dust removing equipment.

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