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SDRC Double Roller Crusher | Квантум Лаб
8 913 734-01-51

SDRC Double Roller Crusher

  • The single screw adjustment device for controlling roller interval is located inside equipment.  It is easy to control without misoperation.
  • Patented anti-splashing hopper(Patent No.:ZL201120239901.8)can avoid sample splashing and dust pollution.
  • With unique sliencer, noise much lower than standard requirement.
  • Roller adopts high chrome steel or high manganese steel (optional).Good hardness, wear resistance, small deformation, suitable for different crushing demand.
  • No fixing is needed. The instrument can be placed on a cement floor due to the rubber bottom and the adjustable standing foot.
  • Unique power-assisted receiving box, flexible draw out, easy unloading operations.
  • Auto power off if the cover is not closed.

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