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SDPP Pulverizer

Mortar can be pressed and removed easily
Traditional depress device locates at upper side of equipment, it’s inconvenient to move mortar.  In SDPP pulverizer, unique flip type depress device (Patent No.:201110180821.4) can be moved to one side, mortar can be pressed and moved easily.

Completely sealed mortar, no loss of sample
Patented mortar sealing technology (Patent No.: 201220235606.x) prevents loss of sample and dust pollution.

High grinding efficiency
The mortars will not rotate during the active grinding. And the percussive force between the grinding core and mortar is increased greatly.

Auto power off when the cover is open. If this function fails, the indicator light give warning in advance, equipment stops running.

Long service life of motor
Patented design of balanced eccentric vibration exciter ensures stable operation and long service life of mortor.

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