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SDJC Jaw Crusher

1. Accurate crushing strength, good sample representativeness, long service life of jaw plate Traditonal jaw crusher need to adjust minimum jaw plate interval by visual check, its disadvantages are as follows:

  • Big deviation, screening experiment is needed to check if the interval is good or not. Otherwise sample representativeness is hard to guarantee.
  • Jaw plate collision due to small interval, service life is affected.

  • Dynamic adjustment and self-protection functions, visual display of plate interval. No need screening experiment, it can be adjusted and checked easily. No collision occur, service life of plate is improved.

    The jaw plate is arc-shaped(Patent No.: ZL201120227038.4). When discharge size is 6mm, production capacity reaches 1000kg/h which is two times of competitors’.

    3. Jaw plate is made of high-chromium or high-manganese steel (optional) with good hardness, wear resistance, small deformation, which is suitable for different curshing demand.

    4. No fixing is needed. The instrument can be placed on a cement floor due to the rubber bottom and the adjustable standing foot.

    5. Wheeled receiving box for easy movement.

    6. With unique sliencer, noise below 85 dB.

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