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SDHG60 Hardgrove Grindability Index Tester (HGI) | Квантум Лаб
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SDHG60 Hardgrove Grindability Index Tester (HGI)

This instrument can be used to test the coal grindabilityby Hardgrove method.
HardgroveGrindability Index Tester is a special tester for testing the grindability of soft coal and blind coal. Takes grinding law as the theoretical basis (The energy consumed in coal grinding in proportional to the new surface area of coal dust).

GB/T2565-1998 Coal HardgroveGrindability Index Determination Method
ISO 5074:1994 Hard coal – Determination of HardgroveGrindability Index

2.Main Features

a. With microcomputer intelligent controlling system, real time working status and processcan be displayed.
b. High automation. Auto-lifting and loading, auto-revoluting and counting. The tester will stop automatically when the conter shows 60 revolutions.
c. With built-in linear regression correction curve, calculate calibration can be finished automatically.
d. With emergency stop function, if any host failure happens, the tester can stop automatically. If restart, revolution counting can accumulate.
e. With film key and LCD screen,it’s easy to operate.
f. Connect with balance available, the tester can grind, sieve and weigh the prepared coal sample;
g. Data can be stored automatically; With micro-printer, and it can realize the functions of date query, automatic calculation, result print and so on.

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