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SDHD Hammer Crusher

1. Complete crushing with no mixing of sample, good representativeness Traditional hammer crusher adopt scraper with right angle. For wet sample or sample with high viscosity, it easily adheres to the inner wall of crushing chamber which beyond the crushing range. The disadvantages are as follows:

  • Creative sealed type crushing chamber, few loss of moisture during sample preparation, perfect crushing effect, uniform discharge particle, precision meet requirement of relevant standards.
  • Sample reserving case and sample discarding case are separate. No mix of sample and waste.
  • The cleaning door is equipped with a transparent view window. Operator can get real-time capacity of the cavity.
  • Anti-block meahcnism of feeding hopper (Patent No.: ZL201010267991.1) eliminate failure due to wet sample. Removable sieve plate ( Patent No.: ZL201020511416.7) allow easy cleaning and replacing.
  • Height of the feeding mouth is 1.44m, lower than traditional design. Sample loading is more convenient.
  • Sample can be collected at both sides of the sample discarding case.
  • Reserved port for dust removing.

  • 2. Easy operation

  • Creative drawer type sieve plate (Patent No.: ZL201020511416.7) can be replaced easily without opening crushing chamber.
  • The wheeled receiving-box can be removed easily even if loaded with as much as 50kg sample.

  • 3. High safety performance

    Power supply is automatically cut off if the cover of the crushing chamber is open.

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