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SDHD150 Hammer Crusher & Divider | Квантум Лаб
8 913 734-01-51

SDHD150 Hammer Crusher & Divider

  • Creative sealed type crushing chamber, few loss of moisture during sample preparation, perfect crushing effect, uniform discharge particle, precision meet requirement of relevant standards.
  • Sample reserving case and sample discarding case are separate. No mix of sample and waste.
  • The cleaning door is equipped with a transparent view window. Operator can get real-time capacity of the cavity.
  • Anti-block meahcnism of feeding hopper (Patent No.: ZL201010267991.1) eliminate failure due to wet sample. Removable sieve plate ( Patent No.: ZL201020511416.7) allow easy cleaning and replacing.
  • Height of the feeding mouth is 1.44m, lower than traditional design. Sample loading is more convenient.
  • Sample can be collected at both sides of the sample discarding case.
  • Reserved port for dust removing.

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