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SDED1000 Intelligent Dust Extraction System

In recent years, Sundy has conducted innovative research in the field of sample preparation from the aspect of environment protection, safety and user’s comfort. Our purpose is to create a dust free laboratory and reduce labor intensity.
Until now, Sundy has acquired 22 patents, including 4 invention patents.
Comfort test experience=Safety+Environmentfriendly+Low labor intensity

Comfort experience originates from innovative and humanized design:
Safety:  Automatic early warning system; Automatic power-off function
Environmental protection: Sealed design; Damping mechanism and silencer; Reserved dust outlet, capable of connecting to dust collector
Low labor intensity: Lower vertical height of hopper, convenient to load sample; Material collecting box integrated with high-quality wheel, convenient to withdraw samples; quick compressing or locking device, easy and convenient to operate. 

Dust pollution is a major problem in traditional sample preparation process which not only harms operators’ health, but also shortens the service life of equipment. Result of sample preparation will also be affected if dust mixed with sample.
To slove above problems, Sundy developed SDED1000 Intelligent Dust Removing System. This system effectively treats dust pollution and creat a safe, clean environment for operators and equipment without changing the representativeness and precision of sample.

1. Dust control and dust removing, Treat dust from the source
  • Seamless connection between suction duct and sample preparation equipment, negative pressure inside equipment effectively eliminate dust emission.
  • With ingelligent frequency conversion technology, system is capable of adjust blast volume automatically and precisely on the basis of dust amount generated under different working status (standby, working, stop) and/or by different equipment. Dust is collected from the source which ensures sample representatives at the utmost.
  • Muti-stage dust filter and treatment system, no secondary pollution.
2. Dust removing for both room and equipment
  • Hose and suction hood located above the equipment treat dust from feeding port.
  • atented dust removing technology for piling of sample, no dust during sample division and bottling.
3. Automatic equipment cleaning with high efficiency and low labor intensity
  • Back purge function reduce manual work
  • Hose and other gear for cleaning are equipped.
4. Ingelligent automatic control, easy operation
  • State-of-the-art Siemens PLC FM control systems and LCD touch screen
  • Linkage between sample preparation equipment and dust removing system, the former start, the latter start automatically.
5. System self-diagnosis, self-protection
  • With self-diagnostic function, running status of equipment can be checked from time to time. In case of failure, light and sound alarm as well as protection program will be started automatically.
  • With cleaning diagnosis function, when the amount of dust in the filter bag exceeds certain limit, the automatic alarm will be activated. Working capability and service life of filter bag are improved.
6. Equipped with silencer, no noise pollution.

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