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SDDC100 Dust Collector | Квантум Лаб
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SDDC100 Dust Collector

1. Dust control and dust removing, Treat dust from the source
  • Seamless connection between suction duct and sample preparation equipment, negative pressure inside equipment effectively eliminate dust emission.
  • With ingelligent frequency conversion technology, system is capable of adjust blast volume automatically and precisely on the basis of dust amount generated under different working status (standby, working, stop) and/or by different equipment. Dust is collected from the source which ensures sample representatives at the utmost.
  • Muti-stage dust filter and treatment system, no secondary pollution.

  • 2. Good dust removing performance, low energy consumption, no noise pollution
  • Dust collection hose is connected to dust source.  No dust pollution in sample preparation room.
  • With open type dust collection device, dust around equipment or in certain area can all be collected.
  • Max power only 3kW, with silencer, noise is greatly reduced.
  • Stepless frequency conversion system reduces energy consumption and associated pollution.

  • 3. Easy operation and maintenance
  • Unique mechanical brash cleaning device automatically removes dust adhered on filter cartridge. Sealing ring of filter cartridge will not be damaged due to its shake. (Patent No.: 201210163092.6)
  • Convenient to dismantle the filter cartridge.

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