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SDDB100 Automatic Drying and Conditioning Device | Квантум Лаб
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SDDB100 Automatic Drying and Conditioning Device

  • High level of Automation: Coal samples are dried and conditioned with warnings to take out samples automatically. Streamlined process aimed at preventing human errors.
  • Great data management: Real-time data representation and storage. Easy data back-tracing and query.
  • Centralized control with one control box and multiple work cells (recommended number of work cells: 4 and expandable). Centralized setting (same setting shared by all work cells) or independent settings (different settings in different work cells) are available.
  • With tray detection function, automatically counting number of trays, auto-start, auto-termination and tray position tracking.
  • Work mode: Auto control and manual control supported. Timer: Clockwise and counter-clockwise counting supported.
  • Conditioning unit can be either combined or independent with drying unit without interaction.
  • IPC +SCM controller with touch screen for parameter entering and operations, easy to operate.
  • Optional drying device with nitrogen ventilating.
  • Linking to network system and bar code scanning available, convenient for data management.

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