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SDC608 Bomb Calorimeter

Optimized design, test time <8 min, the only calorimeter in domestic market
① Built-in constant temperature water tank (heating and cooling are available), bucket determines water volume directly, test speed is greatly improved. Complete test time less than 8 min, first bomb calorimeterin domestic market.
② Stainless steel oxygen bomb for calorimeter, unique stirring method by solenoid pump (Patent No.: ZL200620050442.8). Faster heat transfer of oxygen bomb, higher stirring efficiency, test time is greatly reduced.
③ High automation: identify oxygen bomb, determination of bucket water volume and control of water temperature and test can be finished automatically.

Good environment adaptability, precise, accurate and reliable test result
① Helix tube muti-point isothermal technology (Patent No.: ZL200610031419.9, ZL200610031414.6 and ZL200610031416.5), create a controllable and stable internal environment for calorimeter(consists of jacket and jacket lid, temperature difference <0.1℃), stop the interference of external environment ( such as air flow, temperature) to bucket, test result is reliable.
② Independent jacket and bucket water system. After the test, bucket water back into water tank, no affection between inlet and outlet of bucket water and jacket water. Jacket water temperature is stabilized.
③ Supports oxygen bomb air tightness examination which stipulated in GB standard. No air leakage, accurate test result is ensured.
④ Equipped with high quality water purification device, the water quality of each test is guaranteed.
⑤ Build-in power inverter (patent number: ZL200610136983.7). Calorimeter system will not be affected by fluctuation of voltage and frequency.

Authentic and reliable data
① Result of first test is reliable and valid,calorimetercontinuous working time can be 72 hours.
② No software modification to test result, all data is true and objective.

Reasonablecalorimeter structure, reliable operation, safe and environment friendly
① Reasonable calorimeterstructure, no complicated oxygen bomb elevating mechanism (this mechanism does not support oxygen bomb air tightness examination which disobey GB standard). No mechanical failure, stable operation.
② Unique buckle connection between bomb head and bomb body, easy to remove bomb head.
③ No compressorinside of calorimeter, noise lower than 40 dB.
④ With self-diagnostic function, malfunction of calorimeter can be detected accurately, easy to maintain.
⑤ With watchdog and mechanical protection device for calorimeter, any abnormal phenomenon can be prevented.

Intelligent control, easy operation
① With Ethernet bus communication technology, several calorimeters can be controlled by one PC, no interference between each other;
② Strong data processing capability, statistics report and printing function; capable of connecting with network and balance.

The core of calorimeter is “ Temperature Control” which Sundy pursues for many years. Untile now, Sundy has acquired 37 patents for this core technology (account for 74% of patents in calorific value analysis), among them 50% are invention patents.
“Helix tube muti-point isothermal technology” is a new technology evolved from three-tier technology and compressor cooling. It’s been applied in our fourth generation SDC series Bomb Calorimeter. It’s been proved by many tests that this calorimetertechnology is capable of creating stable jacket environment, cut off the connection between bucket and environment. Test will not be affected by air flow and temperature fluctuation. The accuracy, precision of test result as well as instrument environment adaptability is greatly improved.

Patented product - SDSCY10 Miniature oxygen filler
Patent No.: ZL201010136874.1、ZL201010136872.2、ZL201010136875.6

① Unique locking device realize complete lock between oxygen filler and bomb head. No damage to bomb head.
② With self-locking function. Switch can not be open when its unlocked. In the process of oxygen filling, the oxygen filler can not be removed.
  Potential accident can be prevented.
③ Easy and convenient to fill oxygen and replace O ring.

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