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SDC5015 Bomb Calorimeter

Internal stability
Internal stability is secured with the aid of temperature control device and a helix tube within both the lid and the bucket wall. These enable the system with constant water temperature even if the ambient temperature fluctuates by 10℃ in the single period of testing.

Power supply stability
Unique design of inverter which can purify and stabilize the power supply, ensures the calorimeter will not be affected by the fluctuation of power voltage (from 160V to 240V) and frequency.

Independent bucket and jacket water system
Bucket water will be drained to water tank directly after finishing the test, so the inlet and outlet of bucket water will not affect the jacket water.
Constant bucket water volume and temperature
Constant volumetric tank with temperature controlling device enables a high level of uniformity on both water volume and temperature for each test. 
High temperature resolution
Temperature control utilizes a PT1000 Platinum resistance probe for temperature resolution to the nearest 0.0001k.
Stable and reliable water quality
Equipped with high quality water purification device, the water quality of each test is guaranteed.

Test Turn Over
Due to the nature of this water calorimeter, there is no cool down or prepping time in between tests. And with bomb identifier, up to four bombs can be recognized. So, as soon as one test is completed the bomb can be replaced immediately with another to recommence testing. 
High automation
Automatic oxygen filler equipped, oxygen filling by one press;
Automatic controlling of water volume, filling, heating, empting and jacket water circulation;
Automatic sample ignition;
Automatic temperature rise measurement and result calculation.

Easy to use Windows-based software.
Easy data handling, real time data can be transmitted through internal network.
With CAN bus interface, several calorimeters can be controlled by a single PC.
Connected with balance and network by standard interface RS232.
Durable bombs need hydrostatic pressure test only once a year.

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